How do I know whether MOTOREX is good?

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By hiring your own dispatch/driver,
you’re facing the following problems:

How do we solve this problem?

Our model solves the problems,

Our setting defines the details.

Our founder is the victim of prevailing courier and transportation company, that he has gotten high blood pressure from the phone call that never answered and you-never-know-where-is-your-parcel situation. So he makes 3 rules to MOTOREX: Operation Manager must be very responsive and always provide updates, all riders and drivers of MOTOREX must be in-house employee, make use of technology to minimize human error.

He always say, “Logistics can never be perfect due to its nature of too many unforeseen circumstances. But the key to improve our quality is how well we prepare for these situations, and we handles them when it occurs. “We’re not perfect, but we’re really not bad” he always say.



You didn’t have this choice, but now you do.

The reason you have been hiring dispatch/driver for local delivery is because courier is too slow whereas transport company is too expensive, and maybe, just maybe, own dispatch/driver provides you more flexibility.

So you have been tolerating his performance. MOTOREX Monthly Value Plan promises to charge lower than your dispatch/driver salary while providing same-day-delivery with better flexibility and efficiency!

It’s new way of doing business, so you better catch up. Don’t let your dispatch/driver block the earth from spinning. LET THE EARTH SPIN SMOOTHLY.




We know you have been tolerating your driver/dispatch, Talk to us, let us ease your pain.